Corporate Catering

WEDDING FUNCTION, CORPORATE MEETING, DON’T GET WORRIED & CONFUSED about the party you need to host for family, friends, relatives & business hubbies to reunite for sharing your happy moments? The most challenging part of it is the FOOD. If you think serving food to a group of people only requires good culinary skills, you are sadly mistaken. Being able to cook is just the tip of the iceberg. A lot more goes into SERVING & PRESENTATION OF FOOD. And if the turnout is predicted to be large, then it is best advisable to hire HARISH REDDY SAI REDDY CATERING professionals for the job. This is where HARISH REDDY SAI REDDY CATERERS comes in. HARISH REDDY SAI REDDY CATERERS catering service will not only provide you with a Delicious MENU, but will also help in booking and managing CROCKERY SERVICE ,setting up the MEAL AREA, type of CUTLERY necessary, the arrangement of bowls, plates and glasses and the folds of a napkin, serve guests efficiently and take care of any related arrangements. HARISH REDDY SAI REDDY Caterers not only serve you waiters/waitresses, we also assist as bartenders. HARISH REDDY SAI REDDY caterer knows what menu to be set for a particular event, the volume of food required, the serving process (what comes after what), makes sure that the food looks good when served, and also explains the meal effectively to the guests, if required.

Our major activity is catering at corporate segments. It is really a tough competition to cater to corporate level and we take pride to claim that we have been catering to numerous corporate for years which exactingly substantiates our competence.

Our compliance with quality and hygiene standards as per Food Safety Authority of India, statutory compliance, and compliance with other Operational Pre-requisite Programs etc., has distinguished us from others. From Manufacturing Industry to Engineering Industry, from Pharmaceutical companies to Information Technology segments, we have a diverse combination of clientele. Every industry has its own and unique requirements and standards. This has facilitated us with the opportunity to exactingly understand every need of all industry segments and meet to the contentment of consumers.